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In her 26 years in the sport of gymnastics, 16 competitive and 10 coaching, Coach Jazz Carmichael had the privilege of training under Viktor Frisov, coach of the 1988 Russian Olympic Gold Medalist, Vladimir Artemov.  She also trained under Wei Huang, World Champion on beam for China, and Vladmir Novikov, a member of the 1988 Russian Olympic Gold medal team.


Coach Jazz completed her education at the University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained a degree in Sports Coaching Education in hopes of increasing her abilities as a coach and better develop athletes for the sport and for life. During her senior year at USM, she was awarded the Sport Coaching Education Distinguished Leadership Award from the School of Human Performance and Recreation. During college, Coach Jazz spent 3 years as an assistant gymnastics coach, and upon receiving her degree, spent 7 years as an AIM competitive team coach. During her final two years at AIM she served as AIM's Team Director.

Owning a gym has always been her dream, and she cannot wait to grow PAC into one of the best gyms in Louisiana! 


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